Week 12 of my driving lessons with Murrays School of Motoring!
9th January 2015
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Wow, it’s been a while since my last driving lesson with the busyness of Christmas and New Year but I’m back into it and here’s how I got on during today’s lesson!

I thought I would insure myself on my mum’s car over the festive period as I knew that because of Christmas and New Year, it’d be hard to fit in a driving lesson and I must say that it was such a fantastic idea, even if it did cost £85 for 1 month!

I’ve been practising almost every night with my mum, and there was a junction I really hated near Matalan on Tonge Moor Road but I’ve now conquered it!

I’m starting to get back into my lessons routine with Murray's School of Motoring and had one today and it was fantastic.

I felt a little nervous at first as I hadn’t drove that car for a while and had been driving my mums but I soon got the hang of it again and we were off! We drove around the Harwood area for a while as I mentioned to shaun that I struggled with a junction on a hill so we practised doing right turns on a hill and it went really well.

We ended up at three dead ends, yes three! So it was time to put my maneouvers into practice. The first one was really easy as it was in a car park, so I had plenty of space and turned the car around for us to exit.

The second was a little trickier, we were driving down a small street with a van parked to the right and cars in front of us, in front of a house and I had to turn the car around so it was next to the van. I did the turn perfectly, but what scared me is that because where we turned into it was a hill so the car started rolling a little bit but my clutch control has really improved so I managed not to crash! ;)

The third dead end we hit was a really tight end of the road, so Shaun told me to do a turn in the road, I just looked at him with widened eyes and said, “really?!”. He told me that it can take as many times as it needs, and I managed to do it without hitting the kerb so I felt pretty proud with myself.

All in all I felt that it was a really good first lesson back, next week we’re going to practice the test route again as my practical test is approaching so I’m looking forward to that.

If you’re looking for a driving instructor in the Bolton area, I would really recommend Shaun

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