Top Tips On Settling A Toddler Into Nursery
17th December 2014
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Starting nursery is a big deal for both parents and children alike. Here Gigglers Day Nursery give us their top tips to help your child settle in and make the process as stress free as possible.

Depending on the age of your child coming to nursery can depend on the techniques and tips needed to help your child settle in but for this blog we are going to cover one of the most difficult ages and that's the toddler age group.

  1. Take them for a visit- This is a great idea and if the nursery allow, try and fit in a couple of visits with you there so they are familiar with where they will be going.
  2. Brief the staff- The more information you can give the staff about your child, the easier the settling in will be. Things such as likes and dislikes, food loves and hates etc.
  3. Talk about the nursery positively - Build conversation into your daily routine about the nursery so it feels familiar to your child, like they already know about it before they even go.
  4. Keep smiling- no matter how difficult it is to leave your child, stay smiling and positive. If your child sees you upset, they will mirror your behaviour and get upset too.
  5. Don't keep running back- when it's time to need to leave, don't prolong the departure any longer than it needs to be as this will be stressful for you, your child and the staff.

So there we have five easy tips you can adopt to help your child settle into their new nursery. If you are needing childcare or simply want advice, give Gigglers a call, you can find their full details here.

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