Perfect Finish Garage Ltd, Bolton, can solve sick car syndrome with their anti bacterial treatment
17th June 2013
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Are you suffering from a cough and cold and not sure why it is happening? Then it could be down to your car air conditioning. Smell your air conditioning and if it smells stale then it might be suffering from “sick car syndrome.”

You’ll know if these bugs are in your air conditioning if you experience symptoms such as allergies, coughs and colds. But you don’t have to suffer, just book into Perfect Finish’s anti-bacterial treatment with a fresh water fragrance.

It’s practically seamless when you book your car into Perfect Finish for a treatment. The whole sophisticated treatment takes less than an hour and the only permanent reminder of it is a fragrant smelling car. All bacteria is destroyed in the air conditioning treatment as well as any lingering smells that are left in the car.

Air conditioning in cars should be used 12 months of the year, not just when it’s warm outside. There are many advantages of doing this. It decreases maintenance and service problems, dehumidifies air entering the vehicle and filters soluble or very fine airborne contamination like pollen. Air conditioning is often used as a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mould.

If you take advantage of this treatment then it will reduce the risk of spreading germs, maximise driver and passenger comfort and is therefore the perfect fix to get rid of odours.

For a limited time only you can have this anti-bacterial treatment for only £48, including VAT. The previous price was £85 not including VAT.  When you contact Perfect Finish on 01204 689934 mention this offer.

Perfect Finish are one of Bolton’s best car body shop repairers. Their award winning garage has very reasonable prices with helpful and qualified staff. For more information visit their feature page.


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