Of Course You Can Sing- With Knightsbridge School Of Music Bolton
8th June 2011
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Jennie Nightingale from Knightsbridge School of Music recenly had a little piece written about her music school in the 'Boff' Bolton & District Over 50's Federation Magasine. Jennie was kind enough to give us the piece to use on thebestof bolton blog and you can read it below.

"Of Course You Can Sing"

The above are almost the first words Jennie Nightingale says to a newcomer to her music  school, because most who attend say "I can't sing."

The first step people take over her doorstep to the school is the beginning of a new interest in their life, a better life as the singers confirm, lots of new friends and some that have a serious illness. At one session there is a small row of zimmer frames. 

Jennie found there was a couple of spaces in her busy life for a group of older people who would like to sing, and started the Silver Tones about 18 months ago. There are two sessions weekly Tuesday and Friday, and Jennie is.thinkinq of squeezing in another session. 

They are rehearsing the Nun's Chorus at present. They, must have arrived not really knowing what was to come, the difference being that I had arranged an interview with Jennie. I knew she was a retired Midwife, so we had something in common as I was a retired Health Visitor . 

Two hours after much laughter, fun, a little singing, a cup of coffee, light hearted questions and answers, I left with a feeling of happiness, very much like the students must feel after a session of singing. 

On the wall hangs a certificate which certifies that Knightsbridge School of Music has been officially recognised as the most loved Music Teacher in the UK, and Jennie is the named winner in February 14th 2011. It is signed by Nigel Botterill the C E 0 of "thebestof'. 

The school is situated in the north of Farnworth and is associated with the Associated Board and London College of Music. Students of any age can be taught to sing, play the piano, strum a guitar, become a violinist and pass musical examinations 

If you would like any more information just phone Jennie on 01204 571068 and leave a mes- sage. She will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Jennie is a remarkable lady, strong in her beliefs, energetic when passing on her knowledge 

to students and enjoys life to the full. I am so grateful to have spent the time with her and to have the information to write this article for you all to read and enjoy. 

Many thanks to Zonya from Boff for writing such a lovely piece and giving a lovely mentiont o Jennies Achievements during the 14 days of Love campaign.


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