Earn cash back at Bolton Market with their new loyalty card
5th December 2011
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Its great to read that Bolton Market is offering its shoppers a loyalty discount card to reward local people. In the current climate when times are much harder than usual, businesses have to find innovative ways to attract new customers and also customers want to feel valued and some sense that the business is acknowledging their loyalty.

A number of traders have signed up to the scheme which will allow shoppers to collect points on a weekly shop of produce including fruit, veg, meat and fish. All the shoppers have to do is pay as they would normally and then hand over their card to collect the points they have earned in that shop.

How Do I Get a Card?

Simply go to the customer service office at Bolton Market. The cards cost £2 but once you have registered with sQuid £2 will be added to your card to spend.

At the end of each day, your spend will be added up and 10% of your spend will be added to the Bolton Market Purse ready for when you next shop.

Once you have registered with sQuid, you will be able to view your balances online.

If you would like more details, visit www.squidcard.com/boltonmarketloyalty

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