Commercial & Industrial Landlords at Serious Risk from Waste Fraud
5th December 2016
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Bradshaw Bennett (Lancashire) Ltd are often asked to put together editorial pieces on topical insurance matters.

In almost every case we can come up with a cost effective cover to negate risks to business.

This time however we want to warn members of the business community of a new & pernicious fraud being perpetrated on Commercial, Industrial landlords & property owners.

Fraudsters are renting warehouses & other commercial properties and filling them with waste of all kinds and running off, leaving the landlord the cost of removing the waste which could run into tens of thousands of pounds. 

The problem for unwary landlords is this type of fraud is not covered by insurance.

Indeed the Environmental agency will make the unlucky landlords clean up after the criminals which can cause crippling costs to the landlords and property owners involved.

These fraudsters are very plausible and will present high quality forged documents such as references and may be prepared to pay three months’ rent in advance to secure the property as the returns are so lucrative. 

The Money these criminals make from this fraudulent dumping is phenomenal and this type of crime is very much on the increase.

Fraudsters in many cases target landlords who have premises that have been empty for a long time. These criminals prey on landlords who rightly want rental income on their empty properties.

Remember, if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is and the landlord should be very sure who they are dealing with before they allow anyone access to their empty properties.

As I have stated all kinds of waste is involved in these scams.

However, if landlords are approached by recycling firms & especially tyre recycling firms be extra vigilant as this will almost definitely be a scam.

We know of two examples of this type of fraud which has left landlords with bills of over £20,000 to pay.

The police & Environmental agency are on the case of serial fraudsters.

But in the meantime do not be caught out & be very wary of potential tenants you do not know.

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