Bring Digital, Bolton, Are Now Website Developers To The Stars
12th October 2012
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Bring Digital, based in Bolton, are SEO specialists who are passionate about what they do, and enthusiastic about the way they do it. They will get you and your website in front of your customers on the web, exactly where they're looking for you. So, naturally, it's understandable that they have a long queue outside their sparkling new door at their sparkling new office at Bolton Arena, people wishing to enlist their services.

And, so what if one of these people happens to be much-loved and renowned Geordie stand-up comedienne Sarah Millican. It's to be expected, it's all part of the norm for the now A-List Bring Digital.

Sarah Millican has become a household name over the last few years, known for her sharp Geordie wit and down to earth charm. On the web, Sarah has a close bond with her fans, amassing over 500,000 followers on Twitter alone. These fans regularly interact with Sarah and are treated to stories from the road, cake shop recommendations and pictures of kittens . . . lots of pictures of kittens.

So, when she decided to enact David and the team's expertise to create a website, they had two main aims. First, to create a website that truly reflected Sarah’s unique personality and style. Second, to have the website do justice to the tireless effort Sarah makes to engage her fans.

And they have certainly achieved all the wanted and more. The website is an excellent base for Sarah and all her fans, where they can interact and keep up with all the goings on for the in demand star. Though, I am told it is more of a fun exercise than hard work when the site development worklist which normally reads like this:

  • Ensure brand integrity across design
  • Test JavaScript degradation
  • Validate code
 . . . is instead closer to this:
  • Add pictures of animals in clothes
  • The kitten needs his own page
  • Tell people not to upload any willies


So, why not go check it out. You can be guaranteed an excellent experience, thanks to Bring Digital's amazing work, and Sarah Millican's incredible charm and humour. And, if you need some similar work done, Bring Digital are here for you, A-Lister or not, because there treatment will always make you feel like a VIP.

Give them a call on  01204 867023 , or visit their feature page here.

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