Advertising on Bolton FM has many benefits to local businesses
29th July 2013
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Many opportunities exist for all local businesses, big or small, to benefit from advertising with Bolton FM

Radio advertising allows you to target your message. Bolton FM is local radio, which means that there is no wastage unlike TV, most newspapers and other radio stations that cover a much wider geographical area and charge you for the privilege. With Bolton FM you can advertise to listeners in Bolton and different types of listeners at different times of the day through programme sponsorship.

It's long been accepted that radio represents the best value for money of all forms of advertising media. Ad avoidance is also very low for radio, as listeners are less likely to avoid adverts in the way they might with newspaper adverts or television commercials. Radio reaches people at different times and places. Advertising is 60% more likely to be recalled when it's relevant to the listener's other activity (e.g. driving or browsing the internet).

Radio creates a "share of mind" for brands. As radio commercials are broadcast regularly, and listeners tend to spend a long time listening each week, a brand on radio can create a larger "share of mind" than its competitors. Online, radio drives a response. At any given time, a fifth of internet users are listening to the radio, and could be just one click away from your website or Facebook page.

Radio is considered a friend. Listeners tend to use radio for company, which leads to radio being seen as a friend. Just like a recommendation from a friend or word of mouth, this can be quite effective in forming purchase decisions.

Whether you need more customers or would like the kudos of your company being linked with our travel reports or our weather bulletins, or a particular show or presenter, then we have a sponsorship package designed to help you achieve your aims.

Bolton FM have designed a number of 'off the shelf' campaigns which make using radio easy and fun. We will produce for you and licence a 30 second long advert giving you, pound-for-pound, more exposure than any other medium.

Working with you, we'll design a campaign format to help achieve your individual needs.

Bolton FM is managed and run by people who passionately believe in providing a community radio service to Bolton. Bolton FM aims to provide local people with entertainment, local news and views and local businesses a chance to finally target their local audience too.

To find out more about radio advertising and our special offers just for Best of Bolton Members call Bolton FM on 01204 375408



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