5 Reasons For Youngsters to Start Indoor Climbing From Rock and Rapid, North Devon
25th August 2016
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Do you remember when a YouTube video of a 2 year old went viral? The child was climbing un-aided up an indoor climbing wall, showing agility, strength and a complete lack of fear as they climbed to a level they were confident at.

Rock and Rapid have been helping youngsters climb walls and rocks for many years and due to popular demand have started courses for 5 - 7 year olds.

Based on bouldering, climbing walls at low levels, these new courses offer something that most kids are crying out for.........ADVENTURE!!

Not only that you don't need to be super fit to start climbing as your fit ness and strength improve as you do more activity. Climbing helps with all over muscle condition and core strength. For many children doing limited activities this will help them develop without over pushing them.

Climbing also helps to develop a wide variety of skills, like puzzle solving, coordination, concentration and patience. Climbing at an approved centre means you are constantly monitored and guided so that children firstly enjoy the experience and gain a sense of achievement from their efforts.

Another great outcome from wall climbing is that you learn to work as a group. Although climbing is individual, kids share their knowledge and work as a team, creating friendships and camaraderie that is often missing in daily life.

Compared to many sports, climbing is very safe. In a German study in 2010, climbing had a lower injury incidence than many mainstream sports such as basketball, sailing or football. Indoor climbing had the fewest injuries per 1,000 hours of participation compared with all the sports.

Finally climbing and especially bouldering doesn't have to be expensive, no specialist clothing is required and at beginner level, trainers are fine. 

If you'd like to give your children the chance to experience a new adventure, to try something you've never considered for them before, then take a look at the details here 

Or call them on 01769 629073 for more information   



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