Find Your Creative Streak And Get the Family Involved Too. Weekend Fun For Rainy North Devon Days.
25th April 2016
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Fancy revisiting your youth?  Show the kids a great time and make tie dye t-shirts.  You may think they live in the past, but fashions come back all the time, plus it's always fun seeing how they turn out.  All you need is a cheap white t-shirt, (a faded one is even better, as you can bring life back to it), some rubber gloves, machine washable fabric dye and a stack of elastic bands.  Wrap them round and off you go.  You can always check Google or Pinterest for pattern ideas.

One of our personal favourite creations from younger years is the papier-mache masks.  There is nothing more fun than imagining you are Neil Buchannan from Art Attack.  Grab a party balloon, some old newspaper, paint and PVA glue.  Blow up the balloon and tie it.  Rip up the paper and glue it to the balloon. When it's dry, pop the balloon, cut to fit the face of the kids, husband or yourself and paint the face however you choose.

A great creative idea for kids is to make pasta jewellery.  A bag of penne pasta, some paint and some string or elastic can fill up your jewellery box before you can say pasta bake.  Use your children's little fingers to thread the string through the pasta, tie a knot and paint the colours of the rainbow.

If that all sounds like too much mess ,why not try the art of the flower pressing?  Flowers are nature's thing of beauty, so capture it between a few sheets of absorbent paper and a heavy book.  Perfect for flowers from a significant occasion in life such as your North Devon wedding.  

Just a few suggestions.....whats stopping you from enjoying or adding your own?  

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