Breaking The I-pad/Smart Phone Habit
20th November 2016
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It's easily done, checking emails, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, weather, sport and news has become the norm.

The kids all have a phone, Pokémon Go is having people walk into trees and your always contactable by the boss.  If this sounds a bit too familiar now is probably a good time to put the phone down and walk away.

The government recommend doing 150 minutes aerobic activity a week, plus strengthening exercises for healthy adults.  As we as a nation are spending more time in front of a screen and less out and about, what realistically will help?

The answer is to find something that is equally as addictive as Candy Crush Saga, but that involves physical activity.  Here in North Devon we think we have found just the solution in Rock Climbing.

You can do it indoors on climbing walls or outside in activity centres.  The achievement of reaching the top is exhilarating and the fun of face to face social interaction with your friends will be worth it.  The other key benefit is you can get really fit doing it.  Your arms, legs, back and heart will be stronger and you will definitely notice your neck strain disappearing from not staring at the little device in your hand.

Anyone of any age can take up climbing, so your whole family including grandpa could start.  It is even suitable regardless of physical ability so what is stopping you?

Make more fun again at North Devon's best climbing centre – Rock and Rapid adventures in South Molton.  For more info call them on: 01769 573380.

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