Exploring Exmoor? Check Out This Kit-List From Rock And Rapid
25th October 2016
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Must haves!

  • A Swiss Army Knife – They do come in handy sometimes when out exploring!
  • Binoculars – Along with a species specification book if you're going out for nature spotting.  The Red deer population offers some spectacularly large Stags and throughout June and July you might even spot some Calves!  Exmoor is also the ideal place for bird spotting. And don't forget the Exmoor Ponies of course!
  • Waterproof Clothing! - No weather man/woman can predict what the weather on Exmoor is going to do, however 98% of the time, it will involve rain so don't let this ruin your day out.
  • A Good pair of boots – As mentioned above, Exmoor can be a pretty wet place, and even when it's dry there's still always plenty of mud.  A good, tough, comfortable pair of walking boots are probably best, but if you're doing any activities then take along shoes accordingly, for example an old pair of trainers for water sports.
  • A Map – Exmoor is a very big place.  Once you're lost, you're lost.  And make sure you stick to the paths, not only is it important for the environment and habitats, but you also don't want to end up in a bog!
  • Snacks and lots of water – There are plenty of Pubs around Exmoor, but you won't always come across one and if you're anything like me you get grumpy when you're hungry, so keep yourself satisfied with healthy snacks.  And we all know the importance of keeping hydrated, especially when doing lots of walking!
  • A few First Aid essentials – including Sun cream!  The Exmoor Beast is out there somewhere, but you probably won't come across him, so just some plasters and anti-septic wipes/creams will do.
  • A mobile phone – If you do end up getting lost, or require help in any way then these are pretty important to carry.

Nice to haves!

  • A notebook – and pen of course, for recording favourite places and sketching favourite areas.
  • Photographic and video equipment – Exmoor has so much to offer, it would be such a shame not to!  You can add them into the notebook you took and make a scrapbook to remember your adventures!
  • Go Pros – These are always great, (see above point) especially when taking part in adventure activities such as horse riding, climbing, kayaking etc.
  • A good attitude and your adventurous side! – You never know what you're going to come across or what's going to happen along the way, so learn to laugh when things go wrong and then they won't feel so much of a problem at all.  Exploring somewhere should be an adventure, you should want to find new places and enjoy the experience.  No place is ever boring if you look hard enough, so have fun with it!

 If you'd like more information about exploring the great outdoors, speak to any of the team on: 01769 629073.

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