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Contemporary kitchens are one of the most popular styles for homes at this time. With the new build and renovation markets booming, a cutting edge, sleek, handleless kitchen is the icing on the cake that makes a truly stylish home.
Is your carpet and upholstery beginning to look its age? It might be speckled with memories of that delicious red wine, or the time the new puppy had a little accident, or even the mud stain from your Boxing Day walk, but let’s be honest - those stained memories have no place on your furnishings!
There’s something majestic about a large, healthy tree - just ask a tree surgeon. Perhaps it’s the noise their leaves make as they gently rustle in the wind or the safe homes they provide for nesting birds. For some people it’s the magic and possibility of building a treehouse amongst its strong branches. One thing is for sure, a healthy tree always looks better than a disheveled, abandoned and neglected tree… again, just ask a tree surgeon!
Whether you’re exercising your DIY skills or you’ve booked the builders in, home improvement seems to be on everyones radar these days. Gone are the days when you automatically jumped head first into searching for a new property because your current abode had become too small.
He stood there, shivering so much he thought he could hear his bones clattering. He wasn’t sure exactly what time it was, but he could see through the window that it was still dark. “This is a disaster” he thought. A day when being on time couldn’t have been more important. He’d never make his way through the Oxfordshire traffic to arrive at his 9am interview on time now. Unless…
If you're on the lookout for the best kitchen fitters in Abingdon, you've come to the right place! Deciding to have your kitchen completely redesigned is a big commitment. It makes sense that you'd want only the very best craftsman carrying out the work. Similarly, if you've grown tired of your little galley kitchen but don't have any space to play with, you'd want only the best advice to help you choose the best option for an efficient over-haul.
Choosing a reliable builder can be a seriously tricky business. With all the horror stories around of unfinished jobs and dangerous 'bodge-it-and-leg-it' fixes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and cautious.
Is your old kitchen looking a bit tired and dated? Have your family outgrown it over the years? With lots of design ideas and colour themes to choose from, choosing your dream kitchen can be a truly fun and exciting time! You’ll be preparing and cooking delicious meals on your lovely new worktops and sparkling clean cooker in no time!
With a growing economy, rising disposable income, high employment and low interest rates, the UK housing market is booming with buyers ready and waiting to purchase your home. Add the fact that stamp duty is set to rise by 3% for buy-to-let properties or second homes by 1st April, and you can clearly see why now is a great time to sell up and move on.
There are 5 recycling centres that are close to Abingdon – Redbridge, Drayton Dix, Stanford-in-the-Vale and Oakley Wood. All of the tips have the same opening times and we attach links to the site plan of each tip so that you can plan your trip - whether for recycling or for landfill.
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