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What effects are WIFI having on you? WiFi generates electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the human body, causing a large variety of symptoms and contributing to many disorders and diseases.
Not every town is lucky enough to boast a luxury, highly recommended, stylish and experienced residential care home. The residents of Abingdon, however, are incredibly fortunate to have the fantastic Bridge House Care Home right on their doorstep.
Situated in the heart of Abingdon, the Riverly Club at Bridge House is a hive of activity open for residents, older local folk and carers within the Abingdon community.
The unique experience of open air swimming in the wonderful pool at Abbey Meadows in Abingdon has a fascinating history.
Its been quite a year for Utopia Beauty Salon in Abindon. The ever-popular and award-winning salon has enjoyed many successes over the last eventful year.
Finding the right care home can be a tricky time in anyone’s life. Thankfully, Abingdon is lucky enough to have Bridge House Care Home, where you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled upon a 5* spa hotel by accident! With beautifully decorated private suites, private gardens, a cinema, spa, fitness suite, croquet/putting green, library, social lounges, private function areas, a licensed bar and a restaurant on every floor, you’ll never be short of things to do!
Are you a full-time carer looking for a short break to recharge your batteries? Are you looking for a luxurious day club in Abingdon? Looking for somewhere to drop in and relax in sumptuous surroundings? The Riverly Club at the Bridge House Care Home in Abingdon could be your ideal solution.
At a time when stress and anxiety can be at a peak, a short time spent having your body cared for and soothed by massage is a great relief. The Amethyst Trust has developed an accredited and endorsed treatment that can aid in relaxation throughout a client's cancer treatment and can be tailored to any person to ensure a comfortable massage experience.
If you look after an elderly relative or you’re a full time carer, you’ll understand how refreshing it can be to have some extra help every now and again so that you’re free to relax.
If you’ve got children or pets, you live in the country or you love to entertain, you’ll know how quickly your lovely new carpet can look old and tired. Thankfully, help is at hand; you won’t need to shell out thousands of pounds on new carpet and nor will you have all the upheaval and mess of having new carpet laid.
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