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Once again we approach that hallowed day when we crease our fevered brows and try to think up a novel idea with which to wow our dear old mater. Luckily in Abingdon we are spoilt for choice with some great gift ideas...
Christmas is looming and there’s always that one uncle, friend or work colleague that seems to have everything they could possibly need or want; so what do you do? Luckily, many businesses in Abingdon are offering gift vouchers, so you can treat the recipient to some delicious food, a new ‘do or even a fun and informative day course of their choosing AND keep the pound local!
Abingdon Hydro Press Release
Abingdon Hydro Press Release
Where are your money or savings invested? What kind of return from the bank? Abingdon Hydro is a positive investment.
If you’d prefer to give a voucher rather than a bulky present for Christmas why not consider one that will give the recipient something to do locally and support local business at the same time? We’ve put together a selection of local businesses that give Gift Vouchers for a variety of uses – mostly with a discount off their normal prices too:
Stuck for a last minute idea for next Sunday? Have a look at our top choices for 2013.
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