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Utopia Beauty Salon, Abingdon-On-Thames, has been recognised with an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from healthcare search engine
And the winner is... The bestof Abingdon has announced the winner of the Abingdon Business of the Year 2017 Awards. The Railway Inn received 73 reviews during the campaign, to win the coveted accolade of Business of the Year 2017. In second place, with 55 reviews, was Utopia Beauty Salon and in third position with 50 reviews, Creations Hair & Beauty Salon.
Pewsey Music Festival 2016 will be held Saturday 6th August
The outdoor pool in the incomparable Abbey Meadow in Abingdon-on-Thames opens again on Saturday 28th May 2016: we anticipate a special season with water warmer than ever. Good value, price unchanged and operated by the experienced GLL under their BETTER brand.
The Rotary Club of Oxford Spires, organisers of the famous World Pooh Sticks Championships, is delighted to announce that the event will take place this year at Langel Common in Witney on Sunday 7 June from 2pm.
Winnie on the Windrush
Winnie on the Windrush
New Oxfordshire home is found for The World Pooh Sticks Championships.
Abingdon Hydro, the group planning to construct a hydro-electric scheme to generate energy from the weir on the River Thames, held their AGM for investors on Friday 23 January.
Abingdon Hydro Press Release
Abingdon Hydro Press Release
Where are your money or savings invested? What kind of return from the bank? Abingdon Hydro is a positive investment.
Abingdon Hydro shares are to be launched on 1 November at a meeting in the Guildhall in Abingdon from 10am. The target is £1.25million to construct the hydroelectric scheme. Many people have already indicated they wish to support this community based energy project to build a hydro-electric scheme on the River Thames weir.
Mothers Day 2014 sees the 2014 World Poohsticks Championships at Day's Lock near Abingdon for the 31st time, but how did they start?
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