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Unfortunately for us, Salford wins this coveted award. It appears Salford is suffering more than most in this time of economic turmoil and this spells only bad news for the great businesses that populate the area of Salford.
In a somewhat surprising turnout (Well, to me anyway), it turns out that Salford have saved 2,500 tonnes of rubbish from being sent to landfills in just 2 months! Salford is saving the world one brown bin at a time.
Are you leaving Rochdale and going on holiday soon? It could be a day out or 2 weeks abroad but either would be spoiled by coming home to a ransacked house and your belongings missing.
What do you think of the new bin collection policies around Salford?
Coastguard warning!
Coastguard warning!
Isle of Man Coastguard warning to Jetski and other Fast Craft users in respect of Safe Bathing Areas. There are ‘Safe Bathing Areas’ in Douglas, Castletown, Derbyhaven, Port St Mary, Port Erin, Peel, Ramsey and Laxey.
With festival season approaching, are you worried about making it home with your smartphone?
Will the privatisation of the NHS destroy our society?
Peel Holdings are a big name in Salford, and are perhaps most well known for owning the Trafford Centre, and various other big developments around the city.
Accidents involving vehicles are never good. The first concern is your health. But what about your car? If you or a friend has had an accident, there are so many reasons why you should choose Perfect Finish, Bolton.
Karen Willcock, an Advanced Acupuncturist and Practice Principal at Bolton Therapy Centre, on Chorley Old Road, says that acupuncture can often be better than prescription drugs as a treatment for patients with many types of sleeping problems.
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