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23rd October 2013
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In November last year I lay in bed exhausted, aching all over with a high fever, I couldn't look after my family or work, it was horrible.

I knew it was flu and not just a cold and this year I want to protect myself so I don't feel like that again.

Flu comes on quickly whilst a cold (caused by different viruses) comes on gradually. A cold affects just the nose and throat and you can usually get on with your day even if you are snuffling and sneezing everywhere, Flu will make your whole body ache and you won't be able to do what ever you usually do.

Anyone can catch flu, it is a highly infectious virus that is spread through the air when people cough and sneeze.

Whilst most healthy people will recover afer a few days of rest, regular paracetamol and plenty of fluids some people are more at risk of suffering from more serious effects of flu.

If you are over 65, pregnant,have an underlying medical condition or a weakened immune system you are more vulnerable to developing complications and should take precautions to prevent the flu from taking hold. People living in nursing homes and healthcare workers should also get vaccinated as well.

The most common serious side effect is the chance of developing a bacterial chest infection which could develop into pneumonia, and will need anti-biotic treatment. Other more rare complications include tonsilitis, meningitis ( infection of the brain and spinal cord) and encephalitis ( inflammation of the brain)

There are ways to help prevent getting flu:

Good hygiene practises, Washing hands regularly, clean phones, doorknobs and keyboards regularly and using a tissue to cough or sneeze into will all help prevent the spread of the flu virus.

Yearly flu vaccinations are another, the virus changes and each year the flu vaccination will be different so it is important to get the jab every year and not succumb to feelin rotten with the flu.

There are lots of myths about the flu but it can be a serious disease and needs to be taken seriously especially if you are in a vulnerable group. See your pharmacist or GP and book your appointment now.

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