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Are you in a Top Job?

07 January 2010 16:54

There are three top professions that are all well paid, well pensioned and don't require success. Have you chosen one of them?

It's not a Happy New Year for our birds.

My garden looks very attractive with it's covering of white and the welcome sunshine seems to be attracting lots of birds to my feeders, but many birds cannot use them. A very persistent robin has tried to feed from them all today, without success.

First franchise branch for Jolly Good Van Hire.

The excellent Jolly Good Van Hire business is to be replicated in Shrewsbury in the New Year. This will be the first franchise branch to benefit from the Jolly Good Van Hire proven business formula.

Cold comfort in local magazine.

16 December 2009 15:17

My cold meant that I missed last nights Fusion Network Meeting, but it gave me time to catch up on my reading. A nice surprise when I found that a leading feature was written by a friend.

Darling of the banks.

09 December 2009 15:52

Darling of the banks, but destroyer of the people. The Chancellor has found yet another way to tax us whilst rewarding the greedy incompetents who, with him, are responsible for our countries demise.

A Nest Box for Christmas

07 December 2009 17:03

Last years most welcome gift has attracted a potential new resident. If you haven't decided on all of your presents, think about a Camera Nest Box from M & L Pets World.

Special Tribute to Cliff Prout, Conways Late Environmentalist.

Wrexhams Master Chainsaw Carver, Simon O'Rorke, was chosen to create a special tribute to Environmentalist, Cliff Prout, in Min y Don Woodlands by Conway Borough Council.

Banks out of control, government out of office?

Can you believe that RBS claim that they will distribute £1.5 billion in bonuses this year? Tax payers have invested £45 billion in RBS and will own 84% of the bank (we weren't asked if we wanted to make this investment) without any governmental control.

Accounting for a successful move.

Ruabon accountants, Accounting Solutions Ltd, needing more room for growth have purchased a building of considerable local interest thereby becoming conservationists as well as increasing employment in the town.

An infusion of enthusiasm at Fusion.

The Fusion Network Meeting on Tuesday brought me face to face with five very attractive and very successful ladies. One of the perks of representing The Best of Wrexham.