A Nest Box for Christmas
7th December 2009
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Last Christmas my son Mark, partner on The Best of Wrexham, bought me a special nesting box fitted with a camera.  You will know that I derive a lot of pleasure from watching the wild birds as they visit our feeding stations and my small pond.  Most days I click on the TV in my office and check on the progress.  Until last week there had been no feathered visitors, but a bird, I couldn't quite make out the type, did take up residence if only for one day.

The bird has flown but I have high hopes for a family taking on this desirable accomodation next year.  My other nesting box, home for at least two new families of blue tits earlier this year, has new occupants already, blue tits again, and they are trying to set up territorial rites at the feeding stations.  They are very small but very bossy.

If you haven't decided on what gifts to buy for Christmas then a special Camera Nest Box, have a word with Michelle at M & L Pets World, would be great selection for every nature lover with a garden.

Mervyn L 

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