Are you in a Top Job?
7th January 2010
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What are the best three jobs?  We all have opinions but there are few that would argue that the City Bankers has to be number one.  It doesn't matter how much of other peoples money you lose, you keep your job and receive huge bonuses because you are irreplacable.

Second has to be a politician, you don't have to turn up for work, you can easily live on your expences and, if you are in government you can be as unsuccessful as you want.  If in opposition no-one can really complain because you don't actually have to make any decisions.  This is a generalisation, I know that there are notable exceptions.

Third has to be weather forecasting.  Having promised us a long hot summer, they meant in Wrexham as well!  We were told to expect a really mild winter.  It might be possible to be more wrong, certainly Gordon Brown and Fred Goodwin run them close, but if you got it so wrong would you still have a business or a job?  I bet that you wouldn't mind swapping salaries and pensions either.

Perhaps 2010 will be a good year but you'll have to do better than these three examples, and I'm betting that you will.

Mervyn L

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