It's not a Happy New Year for our birds.
2nd January 2010
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It is not a happy New Year for the birds in my white-over garden.  At least not for the birds that are unhappy to use my bird feeders, regularly replenished with stocks purchased on my visits to Bellis Bros, Moreton ParK and ML Petsworld.  The greenfinches are ravenous eaters of my sun flower seeds which also attract the beautiful nuthatches, and the fatballs that are particularly attractive to sparrows, all types of tits and starlings.  Niger (thistleseeds) bring goldfinches and very occassional siskins to that feeder but some birds are groundfeeders and are often neglected.

I have just been watching a robin trying very hard, but with no success, to eat from all of my feeders and the blackbirds and thrushes are foraging on the ground below the feeders for any leftovers.

I will be putting out some bread, brown is preferable, and some raisins, and I intend to buy some mealworms that should keep the robin well nourished. 

Please bear a thought for the birds, in these conditions they need your help just to survive in the New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Mervyn L


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