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Positive attitude in the VANGUARD.

A great idea and a positive attitude help local business man to success in a new and innovative venture

Gredington Arms Bank Holiday Beer Festival

Enjoy a wide selection of real ales at the annual Gredington Arms Bank Holiday Beer Festival. Food and live entertainment.

Houseproud Cleaning off to a flying start

Georgina from Houseproud Cleaners has just called to thank us for helping her to market her business and to let us know that she is off to a flying start

Happy Renewals

28 May 2010 12:32

Customers renewing their contracts for another year on The Best of Wrexham is always pleasurable.
Fortunately we only accept recommended businesses on to our site and their opinions and experiences are always relevant. So how has trade been this year?

Monday mornings, a great way to start the week!

Monday mornings spent visiting treasured clients can be a great start to a week in Wrexham and Holt. The frosts have hopefully ended now and we are all looking forwards to a good hot summer.

A Greek Tragedy

09 May 2010 17:00

The Royal Bank of Scotland, 84% owned by UK taxpayers, has invested £1.5 billion in the latest Greek Tragedy. Evidently Uk's small businesses were too risky to lend our money to, but these banking geniuses found this great opportunity to invest in.

One new arrival, one departure not confirmed.

Our new arrival is a grandson, courtesy of my elder son Simon and wife Mel. The delayed departure is Gordon Brown from Downing Street. I am ecstatic with the former and appalled with the latter. What does a hung parliament have in store for Wrexham?

More Certificates for Wrexhams Best Loved businesses.

Wrexham businesses have been receiving Certificates of excellence based on the opinions of their loyal customers. Testimonials are of paramount importance when marleting a company.

A plethora of Networking Meetings.

Three excellent Network Meetings in a few days. The introduction to Celtic Crusaders at The Racecourse ground, exciting times for Wrexham. Fusions meeting at Central Station included a presentation to Freespirit. Breakfast at the Welsh Business Event.

Fusion Network Meeting.

24 February 2010 16:28

A nice mix of new and old (young and old as well) faces attended the Fusion Network Meeting on a cold snowy Tuesday evening at Central Station. A good time was had by all. Dave, Matt and Aled are excellent hosts.

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