Darling of the banks.
9th December 2009
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Genius at work?  Our government have sorted out the bankers bonuses!  As I understand it A 50% tax will taken from bonuses over £25,000.  However the tax will not be on the bankers but on the banks.  This means that the banks and their shareholders will be taxed, not the actual bankers.  Therefore up to 84% of this extra taxation will be paid by YOU AND ME!  Yes, by the tax payers.  This latest brilliance has been thought out (can any thought actually have been used) by our Chancellor, he is well on the way to showing the same unique flair as his leader!

They are laughing at us again.  The rewards for destroying the countries economy remain high and we can relax in the knowledge that the latest Chancellors "budget" will ensure that none of these overpaid bankers will be forced to leave their jobs.  ISN'T THAT A RELIEF!

Mervyn L


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