Accounting for a successful move.
25th November 2009
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It is always a great pleasure to meet with a customer who is doing well, not an every day occurrence in recent times, so meeting up with Accounting Solutions Ltd at the Fusion Business Network was a nice treat.  Justin and Mandy Isaacs have grown out of their current premises and will soon be making the move to a building with local history.  More about that in a newsletter in the near future.

Importantly this family firm is succeeding at a time when many accountants are really struggling.  Justin tells me that there is no secret formula, no huge dollops of luck  and no fairy godmother, although all of these would be welcome.  The formula is looking after your clients so well that they recommend you to their friends, giving every client an overview of their business, and going that extra mile.  It doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't happen without a lot of dedicated hard work, but, with application, success is still possible today.

There is another common demoninator with all of the success stories that I am so pleased to relate.  That is ENTHUSIASM, it's infectious, show folks that you believe in your business and there's a good chance that they will too.

Mervyn L


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