Banks out of control, government out of office?
3rd December 2009
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The front page of todays papers has left me speechless.  No, not the Tiger Woods saga, The Royal Bank of Scotland idiocy.

Evidently the already overpaid clowns that, with the willing assistance of our pathetic government, have effectively ruined our countries economy are threatening to resign if they can't pay themselves hugely increased bonuses.  Evidently 20,000 bankers would receive bonuses that are over three times the national average annual salary. 

It is reported that within a few weeks, we the tax payers, will own 84% of the bank, but our government have no control over what they can pay themselves.  It would do us all a very big favour if these greedy pigs and the governmental fools that appear to have given them free rein to do as they wish with our money were all to resign.  Frankly I believe that there is a strong case for imprisonment let alone resignation.

According to this bank, and it will not be the only one, these bonuses are essential to motivate staff.  They ignore completely that over inflated bonuses were the main cause for the absolute greed that led us into this mess in the first place!  I wonder how many of the businesses that I see and talk to in Wrexham can even consider a small thank you bonus for themselves and their staff?  I know of more than one company where the directors have had to forego their own salaries in order to remain in business.  Did they bring this situation on themseves?  They did not, the banks and the government did and both of these think they are worth increased salaries, bonuses and/or expenses.

How did we ever manage to get into this mess in the first place?  DON'T SAY BROWN, SAY USELESS!

Mervyn L

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