An infusion of enthusiasm at Fusion.
19th November 2009
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Tracy Hunter and Joanne Rowley have firmly established Venture Virtual as a great P. A. service to Wrexhams businesses.  They attended the Fusion Network Meeting with Sue Price of Alyn Directory who is going to provide me with a testimonial to the excellence of their service.  There must be hundreds of small businesses in Wrexham that need secretarial skills but only for a few hours each week.  Should they take on an employee or would it be better to use Venture Virtuals whose experience throughout the whole P.A. spectrum is available on demand.  Not too difficult a decision is it. 

Chester and Bangor Race Courses are under the same ownership and I caught sight of , and a very attractive sight it is to, Kate Dawson the Sales Manager and her colleague, no less lovely, Kirsty Potempa.  It's a long time since these Racecourses relied entirely on Race Meetings for revenue and corporate events and entertainment are a top priority.  Importantly, they are very good at it.  These ladies with Robin March's Marketing team have transformed Chester and Bangor.  Their importance to both places is enormous.  Are they busy?  You bet your life they are.  It underlines what quality management, taking on new initiatives with enthusiasm can achieve.  Nice people to meet, an infusion of enthusiasm at Fusion!

Mervyn L 

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