Why I'm Getting Rid of Operation Protect
26th July 2020
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From the early days of Lockdown, to slowly seeing the world open up, thebestof Sudbury's Operation Protect Group and Zoom meetings have been  places to ask for support, have a moan, share positive stories and help other small businesses. There's nothing that make smile more that when businesses collaborate with each other. It really is the future!

In March, when it was announced we must stay at home, for many small businesses, my own included,  the future seemed uncertain and a little scary, if I'm totally honest.

thebestof working with Entreprenuers Circle, put together a practical "playbook" offering advice, tips and tricks and ways we could protect our businesses during the most bazaar and unprecedented times.

I decided to take Operation Protect to another level and started offering weekly Zoom calls, backed up by an active and super friendly Facebook Group of the same name. Zoom Meetings and membership to the group were free and I agreed, for as long as people wanted the meetings to happen and be part of the Facebook Group, Operation Protect would continue.

But things are starting to change. I guess there is a sense normality, alongside caution; maybe a bit of optimism too?

From August 1st, most businesses (obviously there are exceptions) will open again, so I questioned whether we are now protecting our businesses and whether there is still a place for Operation Protect..

My conclusion is YES... but we are no longer protecting. What we're moving into is kickstarting our businesses again. And whenever we move into an area of change, we need support. Running a business, especially a small one, can be a lonely place sometimes and a great deal of relief can come from being with others in a similar situation. It means we are not alone and with that comes comfort.

So, as of Monday 27th July, Operation Protect will be rebranded at Operation Business Support.

All Sudbury and West Suffolk businesses are welcome to join our meetings. The first will take place on Tuesday 28th and run every other Tuesday at 10am. The Operation Protect Facebook Group will be known as Operation Business Support and will be a welcoming and positive place for businesses to offer advice, ask questions, even vent if they're having a bad day (It happens, even to positive folk like myself!)

So, if you'd like to join the group, please click here and if you'd like to join the bi-monthly Business Support Zoom call, get in contact here and I'll email you.

If you're looking to grow your business, get help with your marketing and stand out and get noticed by your potential customers, find out how thebestof Sudbury can help and get intouch with me (Penny) here

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