What a Waste of Space!
9th May 2022
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In recent weeks, thebestof team has been helping some local businesses with their marketing and their website, in terms of how it looks and comes across to their target audience.

And quite a large percentage were making the same mistake!

You see, if we take you back to the very early days of your business, I bet that you did what most people do when they start a business.

It’s likely you spent a fair amount of time, (probably too much time), creating your company’s logo.

Most people take great pride in creating it.


SPOILER ALERT: nobody cares about your logo!

You never hear people say: “Well I’d decided not to buy... but then, when I saw their logo I was sold!”

What’s important to your potential customers is what you can do for them. What are the benefits YOU bring to their lives? (CLUE: your logo is not one of them).

I’m sure we can all agree that’s true and this is where the businesses mentioned earlier were getting it wrong.

They were using their logo in their marketing and on their website in the wrong way.

Sticking a logo at the top of a letter, on the outside of an envelope, on a Facebook Ad image or taking up a large part of the screen on a website is a massive waste of space.

It will DETRACT from the marketing itself and in most instances actively put your prospects off the key message(s) within your website/ad/flyer/letter etc.

A logo on an envelope reads as “this letter is from a business and therefore not important” – (unless it’s the HMRC logo: Never ignore those ones!).

Now, we’re not saying don’t bother getting a logo created or make minimal effort with it. Just use it in the right places and the right amount. For example, a logo at the top of a sales letter wastes valuable real estate that should be spent on an eye-catching, attention-grabbing headline. Put it in the footer instead.

The moral of the story: your business’ logo is NOT as important as you think.

Focus on the stuff that matters to your customers.

If you’d like us to have a look at how your marketing and advertising come across, just give us a call.

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