Unhelpful & ill advised: More great advice from the Government
9th August 2022
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Unhelpful and ill-advised


As an advocate for wanting local businesses (like you) to succeed and grow, alongside providing quality products and services for their customers, I couldn’t believe what I heard coming from a government campaign recently. 

As we know, statistically, the most effective and consistent way to rhythmically obtain new customers is through consistent marketing that works.

 So, when the aforementioned campaign came out asking businesses to cut their marketing costs and just pass the savings onto their customers – I put my head in my hands. Again. 

It’s totally unhelpful and ill-advised for those that are wanting to grow their business. 

How can we pass on savings to customers if we’re not doing any marketing to attract enough customers to still earn a living and make profits? 

Our advice – alongside many other marketers out there – is to look at your current marketing and see how effective it’s being.

It’ll be far more effective to review the current marketing to make sure it’s being targeted properly.

Is it reaching the right type of people?

Is the message compelling and engaging?

Is the method of delivering your marketing and sales messages the most effective for your target audience?

If you look at this properly, you could get far more bang for your buck and get a far better ROI – without having to cut any cost!

 Help is at hand if you’d like a conversation about how to market yourself more effectively – just drop us a message and we can use our 20 plus years experience helping 100s of other businesses with their marketing to see how we can help you.



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