Training with an injury? Why getting a personal trainer is a good thing when you're injured
15th December 2017
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At the end of last month, my #90dayfitnesschallenge PT sessions came to an end and boy, what a brilliant experience.

I want to share with you, a little bit about my Personal Trainer, Alex. Alex was my last PT of the three allocated to over the Summer. Poor old Alex got injured Penny. But that turned out to be a good (well, certainly for me)


At some point and I’m not sure how, I managed to pull my hamstring. I’d like to tell you it was by doing something exciting and adventurous, but I probably pulled it doing something mundane; Putting the washing on or setting up my marketing roller banner the wrong way. Anyway, the result was horrid back pain.


I spoke with Alex and told him it was unlikely I’d beable to attend his PT sessions as I couldn’t really walk properly. The near future looked like sulking on the sofa, scoffing my face full of festive Quality Streets. And complaining loudly to anyone that would listen.


But Alex wasn’t going to let a bit of middle aged injury get in the way between me and a training session. So, we got together for a chat and a bit of a taster session where he could find out what I able and unable to do. It was important that I didn’t overdo it and therefore injury myself further. 


Alex has been a personal trainer for 5 years. He specialises in weight loss, toning and golf specific training (useful for all those Stoke by Nayland  Golf Club members) His ethos is personal training should be fun and I can vouch for that. There was certainly a lot of  laughing  going on during our weekly sessions. You don’t want anyone who takes these things too seriously. Exercise should be fun and Alex is certainly that.

The theme running through my 3 sessions, was to strengthen my upper body and core, lower back muscles and stretching out my hamstring. None of the sessions were the same (that’s really important for me, as I get so very easily bored)


Some of the exercises I incorporated into each session were


Farmers Walk

Shoulder Press

TRX Rear Delt Fly

You can click on the links to see photos on Instagram


However, probably the most effective part of the session, with reference to my injury,  was the intensive stretching Alex helped me with, through manipulation of the various lower body muscles in my legs and lower back. This was a highly effective way of relieving my lower back pain, caused by the pulled hamstring. 


If there’s one thing I took for my month’s PT session with Alex, it's how important it is to work with someone who knows what they’re doing, not only when you try new exercises, but also when you’re injured.


I thought it would be unwise to go anywhere near a gym, but infact, working with a PT can help you recover from any existing injuries. I thought continuing to exercise would have a detrimental effect on my back, but by working with PT, on an ongoing basis, their exercises can help build up strength around the problem areas, therefore making them less susceptible to ongoing issues.

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