The Problem With Your Dry Eyes & How Wardale Williams Can Help
10th August 2016
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Like a growing number of people his age, in his 80s, my Dad became increasingly interested in technology. From keeping up with friends on Facebook, to discovering something new on his iPad, these modern advancements gave my Dad a new lease of life.

That’s why it was heartbreaking that something so unexpected threatened to undermine his newfound freedom. You see, my Dad had slowly developed dry eye syndrome – a common condition, which affects up to one in three people over 65 (source: NHS Choices).


Younger  people  can  also  be affected. I’m in my early 50s and an autoimmune disease has led to my own dry eye problem. And whilst my symptoms aren’t as severe as my Dad’s  were (yet),  it’s frustrating.


After all, dry eye syndrome is associated with the following:

Itchy irritable eyes, which can feel dry, gritty or sore


  • Itchy irritable eyes, which can feel dry, gritty, or sore
  • Redness and swelling
  • Temporarily blurred vision (which improves when you blink)
  • Excessive watering – my Dad was constantly dabbing his eyes

 What causes dry eye syndrome?


This condition occurs when eyes don’t make enough tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. It can be caused by:

  • Inflammation of the eyelids or blepharitis
  • Hot, windy climates
  • Hormonal changes in women associated with the pill, pregnancy, or menopause
  • As a side effect of some medications such as antidepressants, diuretics, antihistamines, or beta-blockers
  • Contact lenses
  • Alcohol and smoking

Worryingly, this condition can undermine your quality of life significantly. In extreme cases, sufferers can experience severe pain.  I remember my Dad complaining of having ‘seawater’ in his eyes constantly. And like my Dad, vision can also be impaired as dryness causes the cornea to harden over time.

Sadly, my Dad is no longer with us. He died a few years ago. But since  his passing we’ve noticed more and more patients suffering from dry eye syndrome. As a result, we’ve been exploring how we can best help other people like my Dad.


 Unfortunately, there is no known cure for dry eye syndrome. You can however, reduce the severity of symptoms and improve the condition of your eyes with a personalised  care  plan, which will make you feel a lot more comfortable.


Managing dry eyes for long-term eye health

A lid care routine is one proven way to cut the likelihood of dry eye syndrome undermining your quality of life. This routine involves cleaning and gently massaging the lid margin with a hot poultice or special lid care wipes. Carried out twice daily, this simple routine will remove debris whilst stimulating the oil-producing Meibomian glands, which help to keep your eyes hydrated. Many sufferers can also benefit from using special hydrating  solutions. Supplements and even the food you eat can help alleviate the symptoms too.

Expert support to manage your dry eyes

I wasn’t able to help my Dad as much as I would have liked. And I wish I knew then what I know now about lid care and dry eye syndrome. I’m certain if I’d helped my Dad adopt a lid care routine, and if there were the choice of hydrating solutions we now have, then his vision would not have  been impaired in the way it was in the last years of his life.

And that’s why I’m committed to helping you. I’ve found people tend to be misinformed  about  the seriousness of dry eye syndrome. It’s a problem Wardale Williams  The Opticians is committed to tackling. For example, we’ve recently invested in training with one of the foremost specialists in this field so we can offer customisedpersonalised care plans for you.

This new specialty service involves thorough diagnosis of your dry eye problem using specialist equipment combined with  ongoing  support. After all, it can take time to bed a new routine into your busy schedule.


If you’d like to find out more about coping with dry eyes, we’d love to help. Remember, your comfortable  vision  is  our  mission so please feel free to call 01787 372492 to make an appointment or drop in for more information.


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