The Peake Fitness #letmoveforabetterworld Technogym Challenge
28th March 2017
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If there's one thing I do enjoy and that's a challenge - physical or mental, I love to set myself a goal and try and smash it. Some of the challenges have ranged from fairly mild (Ride a horse and try not to cry from the experience) to fairly substantial (Run a half marathon and try not to break) to practical (Learn how to brew beer and make mayonnaise from scratch.. Not at the same I time. I mean, I know I can multitask, but that's just silly!) These challenges keep me motivated and remind me that if I put my mind to something, no matter how silly or small, they can be achieved.

Now that my half marathon is all done and dusted, I needed something new to get my teeth stuck into. And fortunately, Chris Grimwood, Leisure Manager at Peake Fitness, was there to help with the decision making process!  From 13th March to the 31st March, across the world, Technogym are running a challange to get people moving in their gyms across the world. The aim is to get each member to clock up as many "moves" as possible - that can be doing classes or a gym session. Each gym's members moves are totaled and those who move the most can win some serious prizes for local communuity projects. 

So, Chris goes through a two week training plan for me and chucks in all sorts of classes and PT sessions. Bring it on, I say. I want to win

So far I have taken part in a Kettle Bells class -brilliant cardio exercise, whether you're a super duper athlete or a couch potato wanting to start your fitness journey. The short, varied sets of exercise help to keep my attention. Give it a go, because you don't have to try and end up as a sweaty mass (unless that's your thing, then I say go for it)

And two gym sessions, both overseen by the fabulous PTs at Peake Fitness. I can now say that I've done a good selection of most of the Technogym equipment, from the Skill Mill (seriously challenging but works all those muscles you didn't realise you even had) to my new favourite, the Kinesis; I can only describe a total work on a machine. Love it.

There's just a few days left to go and due to a delightful spring cold preventing me from doing 2 workouts, I have some catching up to do. Feel free to have a nose at my Facebook page to see what I do next. If you're a Peake Fitness Gym member and you're not taking part in the Technogym challenge, WHY NOT? And if you fancy taking part, but not a member, there is a week's free trial. Just click here for the voucher. All those moves add up, you know and could make the difference between winning the shiny equipment for a local group or not. The challenge finishes on 31st March. 

If you're taking part, tell me how you're getting on


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