The First 30 Days of the #90DayChallenge at Peake Fitness
26th July 2017
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At the start of July, I was set a task; a 90 Day Challenge to increase my fitness, improve my running and lose some weight. As part of the challenge, I was given a weekly Personal Training session, with one of Peake Fitness's excellent team, attend one of the classes and to continue with my running. Although I run at least twice a week, it's usually slotted in around my own crazy schedule, so this challenge was more than just exercise, but managing my time too. And finding the motivation to exercise after a full on day at work.

I find it quite amazing that the first month has gone already and what a great experience its been too.

My allocated July PT was Josie, a new addition to the Peake Fitness team. We hit it off immediately, (although I think I'm probably older enough to be her mother!) Josie put together a PT schedule working specifically on my general fitness and upper body, through interval training, resistance and core. On our first session, she printed the plan, so it's something I can follow for gym visits on my own.

My warm up takes place on the treadmill, 10 minutes  alternating running with walking. This is great way to improve your fitness efficiently and each time I've run, I have found it easier, so therefore pushing myself harder, running up a bigger incline or running a bit faster would be my next step. 

The resistance exercises have focused on my upper body. This just gets neglected as I mainly run. Each exercise that works the arm and chest muscles, are repeated up to 10 times through sets of 3. What I wasn't expecting is that one side of my body is considerably stronger than the other. Being right handed, I thought there might be more strength on the dominant side, but there was quite a big discrepancy 

I enjoyed the core exercises. You can watch the video of Josie showing how an Ab Curl is supposed to be done here on my thebestof Sudbury Facebook page. I also did planks (pure evil) and on a couple of occasions, rotations with cables. 

I'll miss my PT sessions with Josie.She made the exercises fun and her encouragement helped me push myself to go that bit faster, or lift a slightly heavier weight. She was also mindful of my running injuries, making sure I was aware of how I lift and when my right knee randomly points outwards. 

My next training session, from mid August will be with Chris and it'll be interesting to see what programme he puts together for me.


Throughout July, I have attended 3 very different classes as Peake Fitness. You don't need to be a member of the club to attend, simply call up and book yourself in. 

My first class was HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Josh. 45 minutes of very intense exercise, building up the repetitions as you go. It was good, but exhausting. Perfect for increasing your fitness levels though

The following week, I took it down a level and did an aqua aerobics class, which has to be the most friendliest class EVER. Aqua aerobics is very low impact, so perfect if you have injuries or if you're a bit older. It's a really popular class and I particularly enjoyed the deeper water exercises. You work up a sweat, without being sweaty!

My final class was Vipr. I'm going to go out on limb here and say it was probably my favourite. It's a whole body conditioning class and apparently originates from Australia, inspired by the super fit farmers. We all take a Vipr and incorporate it into the exercise routines. This is the only class where I haven't been able to move properly the next day. Just getting up off the sofa caused me to complain. But, I definitely do it again. 



True to the challenge, I have taken myself off for a run once a week, usually at the weekend and usually around 10km. What I've found is noticeable, is over the last week, I have been able to run faster for longer. I'm no Mo Farah, but I'm definitely improving and looking out for competitions to see if I can get me a personal best. If anyone wants to recommend an Autumn race in Suffolk, please get in touch

I'm not sure if I've lost any weight, as I don't own a pair of working scales, but I managed to get into a skirt that last fit me about 5 years ago, so I must be doing something right. 

Part 2 my next challenge will start after my holiday. I'll keep you posted...



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