The Beer Is Named
21st May 2019
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Over the years there's been Lady's Smock, Lee Stock & Two Barrels and Golden Willow. 20,000 plus pints of golden ale to keep LeeStock Festival revellers refreshed whilst enjoying the entertainment

But for 2019 we have a new beer

And a new name!

After a flash competition, over a couple of days, nearly 100 people shared their suggestions for the new beer; hoppy, citrusy, packed with American hops and sold exclusively at Lee Stock 2019.

There were the usual contenders - Hoppy McHop Face, Fesitv-ale and even Brian

But after much discussion, the winning name is *DRUM ROLL*



Congratulations to Tom Dolton, who chose the winning name. Two tickets to this years festival will be on their way to you ASAP

The beer will be available only at Nethergate's Tap Room and at LeeStock itself.


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