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7th April 2015
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It can be a lot of hard work putting on a music festival.  Much like running any business there is a lot of pressure, tough decisions and lows to go with the brilliant highs.  One thing that makes it all a lot easier is the excellent support that comes freely and selflessly from local people and businesses.

The festival pays no wages (as it's all for charity) so all of the helpers that offer their support, either on the day or before and after, are doing so either because of their love of Lee or because of their charitable spirit.  What makes me smile every year is how many and how varied the help is.  Be it clearing sheep droppings (yes seriously!), manning the car park, or directing festival goers, all walks of people do it with a smile on their face and come back year after year.

And it's not just individuals, businesses too are very generous.  I would like to think we have created a great product and an excellent opportunity for companies to put their own product or service in front of a group of happy locals, but I know that a lot of their charity is due to generosity of spirit and the chance to support a local event as much as advertise their company.  Especially when you consider how tight times have been in recent years, the fact that companies are still willing to back charity and community shows you the spirit of the people and business owners of Sudbury.

How lucky we are to be part of such a benevolent town, long may it contine.

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