Sudbury Secure Storage's Top Tips for Preparing Your House Ready For Sale
25th February 2016
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Despite the recent cold weather, or maybe because of it, we are seeing lots of blue sky and sunshine. It is at this time of year our thoughts may turn to buying a new home.

When we put our house on the market, we need to have it looking at its very best, so that once we find that new haven we can sell quickly. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you do, so Louise Richardson of Sudbury Secure Storage says to reduce that wherever possible.

Here are some top tips to help you sell your home quickly and with minimum stress

  1. Clean, clean and clean again!
  2. Clean the windows!
  3. Clean or remove old dirty and ugly carpets.
  4. Clean the paint work
  5. Don't forget the dog needs cleaning too.

One way help you do this is to remove the clutter and you can't clean properly until that is gone. If you need help with your clutter, then Sudbury Secure Storage can help...


Remember you're selling a lifestyle not a home. Decluttering will make your rooms seem bigger. Remove any pieces a furniture that make your rooms seem smaller or beg, borrow or steal (or rent) pieces of furniture to fill glaring gaps or even to replace old worn out items.

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that will sell your home…but remember many people refit both of those soon after moving.

What you are selling is a new haven for the buyer. Make your home look and smell appealing. They used to say that if you have the aroma of newly baked bread or the headily fragrance of fresh coffee, it made people find the house more attractive.

So clean, fresh smelling and uncluttered is what you're aiming for.

You may not want to get rid of the furniture you need to take out of your home and you may want to keep the clutter you removed. In which case, renting a space in a storage facility is an easy, safe cost effective way to look after your clutter.

Contact Sudbury Self Storage for advice and information of where to store all that precious “clutter”. If you're looking for house clearance, they can help you with that as well.


For more information, click on their website

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