Senior's Fitness Tests at Sudbury Physiotherapy Centre
29th January 2018
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Staying fit takes dedication and commitment, sometimes finding the motivation to maintain activities for leisure or daily living can be hard as age or health related changes set in. An effective weapon in your armoury against the slow onset of a sedentary lifestyle is personalised information, feedback on performance, encouragement and support. The aim of the senior’s fitness test is to help provide information and feedback so that you can plan your fitness activities to suit your lifestyle and health needs.


The tests are designed to check strength, flexibility of upper and lower body as well as aerobic function, balance and co-ordination.  The tests are chosen to reflect the everyday movements required for independent living. They are easy to learn, short to administer, require no special equipment or clothing (beyond flat walking shoes) and, once learned, can be carried out at home so you can become self-monitoring.  The aim is to put you firmly in the driving seat of managing your health and activity levels, so if you are already active this may motivate you to remain so. If there are already problems the test gives you a starting point from which to set targets for keeping and getting you up and going with a clearer idea of how much is enough for independence in later life. The test is appropriate for those aged between 60 and mid 90’s



As a health by-product of staying active one carries a lesser risk of falls through postural instability and related injury.

If you would like further information, please give Sudbury Physiotherapy a call on 01787 378178





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