One-to-One Coaching with Business Growth Landscapers
6th September 2019
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One-to-One Coaching With Business Growth Landscaper Jacky Ling

One to one coaching

World class athletes at the top of their game, use a coach to bring out their best, to help them achieve their goals and maintain their winning mindset. 

Exactly the same applies to business owners; achieving business success is directly related to personal growth and performance. It’s never been easier to take care of our personal and professional development, however, there will always be times in our business lives when we need the support of a coach.


Finding the right coach

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and working with different coaches at different times is common. It depends which area in your business or personal skill set you need support, so a coach with a particular area of expertise could be important.

You won’t necessarily need to commit to many months of coaching either. Many of Jacky’s clients get the breakthrough they were after in one session. It doesn’t need to be face to face either, coaching via face-time, or telephone is common now and very effective.


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