Meet the Sponsor of The Sudbury Business Expo - Wayman & Long
4th June 2017
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Sudbury Business Expo 2017 is sponsored by solicitors Wayman & Long. We asked Director Stephen Whiskin a few questions about what the company are all about

As a business why do you feel it’s important to get involved with community events

I believe that getting involved in community events is actually a perk of the job. We have been approached by various people who are extremely passionate. People like those at Thomas Gainsborough school, Clare Christmas light, Thomas’s trust, Clare in bloom and of course Best of Sudbury. All these people show a great determination to take a problem and try to solve it or make things work better for others, which aligns completely with what we endeavour to do here at Wayman & Long. 

Just being able to give that leg up either financially, volunteering to help or just helping then with an idea is extremely satisfying and, I believe, mutually beneficial.

What makes Wayman & Long such a great business

With a business which has been established as long as ours, it has a lot of love and respect from local people. You get to know your clients and they really come on the journey with you. I think our clients and friends of the firm feel like they are part of something and that makes the firm special for them.

When I became partner of this firm I wanted to improve the service for clients. I worked hard to bring the stability and comfort of a large firm without losing the caring country feel. Most of the feedback we receive is extremely positive and I do genuinely believe we are considered a great local business.

As someone involved in business, how do you see the next 12 months

Exciting! If you take the last 12 months we have employed a barrister and added a further 3 solicitors to our ranks. This has allowed us to expand into areas of law previously untouched by the firm and which complete our client base.  Most of all, we have opened our wonderful Sudbury office which is going from strength to strength, and from where we see much of our future business growth, as the town grows.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in business

I would say be confident in yourself and your ability. Starting or taking over a business is hard work both physically and mentally, especially at the beginning. When you find yourself spending your evening hard at work or lying awake at night because you have a crucial meeting the following day, always keep your vision of how you know your firm can be in your mind and know that every obstacle just brings you closer to your goal.

What plans do you have for Wayman and Long in the future

That’s a bit of a closely guarded secret but certainly in the short to medium term our focus is on continued expansion across the business.

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