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23rd November 2020
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You may have heard the news. A rabble of naughty elves have recently arrived at Sudbury Train Station with one thing on their mind.

To cause havoc. 

Rumour has it, they're planning on infiltrating the local shops and from inside, plan to taking over the town. 

A small marketing town in Suffolk today. East Anglia tomorrow and who knows what will happen in 2021. We could all be forced to wear red hats and stripy tights. And sing cheery elf songs about candyfloss and snow

It's all very worrying

What we do know is, if we can spot all the elves, they can be rounded up and sent back to the North Pole, where they can continue to help Father Christmas. We hope you'll do your civic duty and help us find these scoundrels. Fortunately there's a naughty elf trail and rewards for all those who take part and help the Town Council find them

But not all these elves are out to cause trouble. There have been a few individuals that don't want to takeover the town, but simply make sure people support their local businesses this Christmas. One such elf came knocking at my door. His name is Rupert and after a chat, I have employed him to help me encourage people to Buy Local.

If you're a local business and attend my regular Zoom networking calls, I wouldn't be surprised if he popped onto say hello and I'm pretty certain he'll be out and about helping with the organisation of this year's Christmas Window Display Competition. Although he's ever so quiet, he loves his photo taken. 

If you'd like to know more about the Elf Trail, please click here

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