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11th September 2019
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Say hello to Steve Brown, founder of - a local health and safety business that works keeping employers, employees and the community safe

Name:  Steve Brown

Business:  Health and Fire Safety .com

What does your business do?

Health, Safety and Fire Safety consultancy for small and large businesses

What gets you out of bed of a morning? Generally the need to pee

Best piece of advice have you ever been given?

Once you pass 50, never trust a fart

Tell me a little known fact about yourself: 

The reason we all have to have car insurance is because my grandmother was run over and badly hurt by a car. Lord George Brown (who is a relation) pushed through the legislation as a result 

What's the one thing you're most proud of:

I'm most proud of being a health and safety consultant for the opening and closing ceremonies. The London Olympics is the only one in history to go off without a fatality

Tell me what you do outside work - do you have any hobbies? I'm a Season ticket holder at Chelsea FC

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