Meet Penny from thebestof Sudbury
7th September 2020
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Name: Penny Wilby

Business: thebestof Sudbury

What Gets You Out of Bed?: Coffee probably, but I'm morning person so I look forward to working with all my business members and getting to know my network a bit better. I like people so I absolutely love what I do.

The Best Piece of Advice You've Ever Been Given: I've been given a lot of advice over the years, but probably the best has been be polite and respectful to everyone. Manners cost nothing and I see no benefit in being unnecessarily rude to people. That's not to say you should be a pushover or put up with bad behaviour, but I think being a decent being human being is a must for everyone.

Tell Us An Unknown Fact about Yourself: I used to play Grade 6 Trumpet. Fortunately for my neighbours, I don't anymore.

What's One Thing You're Proud of? Definitely my daughters!

What do You Do Outside Work? I love to knit. I knit all the time, wherever I am. I also enjoy running. I'm not fast, but it's the solitude of running outside, lots in your own thoughts. It's good for your soul


If you're a local business and what to get found and get noticed, get in touch with Penny here



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Penny W

Member since: 17th March 2014

Hello! I'm Penny from thebestof Sudbury, shouting about the best local businesses from Hadleigh through the Clare. When I'm not doing that, you'll find me knitting socks or tending to my 6 chickens

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