Just got your GCSE results?
18th August 2015
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The third Thursday in August is a worrying time for many 16 year olds. So many will be in two minds about getting out of bed…they want to…and they don’t.

This is the time they will find out whether all the hard work they put in during the past two years has paid off. That’s scary. It’s GCSE results day!

If they haven’t got those all-important A to C grades, they will come home unhappy to disappointed parents and family. It’s not that they didn’t work hard. It’s not that they didn’t do their best. They now all believe that they’ve failed and FAILED is an awful word.

But they haven’t failed. They have just missed out on reaching their goal and why? There are many reasons and they are not down to a complete lack of knowledge. They may have been away from school occasionally and missed certain topics that came up in the exam. They have not been taught exam technique. They may genuinely not understood that vital bit that made the difference of a couple of marks in the exam.

This all adds to one thing, a lack of self-confidence. We all need to know that when write something down, we’re doing it correctly….and so often we’re not sure.

So what best to do? Re-sits? Many colleges of higher education will accept students provided they get the grade they need by the end of the first term, or sometimes, year. Studying for resits and making good progress in the new areas of study isn’t easy.

Is now the time to get some extra help? An hour a week or fortnight of disciplined study could make all the difference, particularly if in a one to one situation with a specialist in the subject.

There is help available. The tutor can come to your home and instil confidence, exam technique and teach those missed or not understood areas. Why not drop Anne an email, or give her a call. With 40 plus years in education, Anne is an experienced teacher who wants to help.

Think what a difference it could make.

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