It's the Moore Green Chartered Accountant's Monthly News Round Up
19th September 2016
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Moore Green Chartered Accountants in Sudbury have put together a round up of business and tax news that could affect your business

Government propose new sanctions for tax avoidance
The government has announced new proposals for sanctions for 'enablers and users of tax avoidance which is defeated by HMRC'.
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Accounting standards and the tax implications of new UK GAAP
HMRC have updated their guidance on the tax implications of changes to the 'generally accepted accounting practice' used to prepare financial statements.
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HMRC genuine and phishing/bogus emails and calls
HMRC have issued an update of their guidance on how to recognise genuine HMRC contact be it via email or text.
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Complain to HMRC - online
HMRC have always had complaints procedures and have extended these to now include an online form which can be used to make complaints about your self-assessment and PAYE.
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Government urged to delay the launch of Lifetime ISA
The government is being urged by both pension providers and banks to delay the April 2017 launch of the new Lifetime ISA as they are warning that they will not be ready to offer the savings product by this time.
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Advisory fuel rates for company cars
New company car advisory fuel rates have been published which take effect from 1 September 2016.
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Guidance for employers
HMRC have issued their latest guidance to employers in the August edition of the Employer Bulletin.
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Residential property income and interest relief
The government has issued guidance and examples on the restriction of income tax relief for interest costs incurred by landlords of residential properties.
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