How The Thrive Programme Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
2nd December 2020
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I have always been an outgoing person, hardly a shrinking violet, never afraid to speak to a group of people or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. After more 17 years in advertising sales, I had an inkling I was relatively good at my job. I held managerial roles in a several London magazine businesses and was liked and respected.

In 2011, I joined a local Suffolk glossy magazine. To me, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. A dream job. Company car, in an office with lovely colleagues (one of whom made the most amazing cakes ever) a great editor and a bunch of customers I genuinely liked.

However, my joy was short lived. I had, what I guess you could call, a personality clash with the publishing director. I’m not sure why she took a dislike to me, I'm sure to many she was a perfectly pleasant person,  but within 5 weeks of me starting, I was hauled into her office, demoted and had a chunk of my salary taken away. I was mortified, embarrassed, humiliated and started to question my ability. I could have moved to a different job, I  decided to stay. I thought if she wants me out, then when I leave, it will be on my terms.

It all came to a head sixth months later. I was sat in my little Corsa, in Haverhill. The weather was terrible; raining with a miserable mist surrounding me. It basically summed up my mood., I’d put in place steps to get myself out of that toxic environment and by the new year, I was back in my old job, working from home. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Although I was happier, I knew I was holding myself back & I knew I could achieve so much more. I stumbled across The Thrive Programme and went for an informal chat.

Over the next 8 weeks, I challenged every belief I held about myself (in a good way) The way I thought people perceived me, came from my own limiting belief systems and I started to change. I am  able to deal with thoughts that once worried me, to do things because I decide to do them, rather than not do something because I fear of what people’s perception of me might be .

Six months after I finished the Thrive Programme, I started thebestof Sudbury. Although I had the skills to start my own business, Thrive gave me tools to believe I could do it. It also allowed me to have the inner confidence to launch a Business Expo, brew a beer, talk on the radio, write blog posts, run and organise networking events and do a whole heap of things I never have would have entertained a few years back. Quite simply. The Thrive Programme has helped me Thrive.

It costs nothing to speak with Sue initially and if you feel you need the boost to live the life you want, free from worry, anxiety. Get in touch

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