How Body Pump can help you lose weight
13th November 2015
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I’m all for new experiences and earlier this week I took part in first Body Pump class at Peake Fitness at Stoke by Nayland Hotel.

This wasn’t the first class I’d taken at the top of the range gym. Last month you may have read my account of their body balance class. Well, this was a totally difference form of exercise class.

Peake Fitness has 5 Body Pump Classes and I’ll admit to you now, I had absolutely no idea what it entailed, so let me share.

Throughout the hour long class, you’re given short bursts of repetitive exercises focusing on a particular area of the body, using a selection of weights – from barbells to hand held weights. At no point do you feel you should lift more, but you are encouraged to work with what you feel is comfortable. For someone like myself, who hasn’t done this sort of training, this is encouraging.

There were six in the class – all ages and abilities. Some were experienced Body Pumpers, others were like me, absolute beginners. Whilst waiting for the class to start, I was chatting with a couple of fellow class mates. One lady had been going to Body Pump for a while and absolutely loved it. She told me of all the classes she had done in the past, this was exercise she felt changed the shape of her body the most; for weight loss and muscle tone. Certainly a good sign.

Because Body Pump is designed to exercise with lighter weights and through short sharp bursts of different repetitive routines, you will burn fat and tone your muscle, rather than bulking up. If there’s one thing I don’t need, that’s bulking up. I absolutely loved the class. Next time, I’ll take it a little easier with the weights. Although I felt fine and mobile the next day, the day after, I felt like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz!  There were muscles in my body I never realised existed. James gave me some great advice, that, with hindsight I should have taken; a brief five minute session on one of the gym’s exercise bikes will help cool down the muscles and relieve any aches and pains that may occur over coming days

I’d recommend you give this class I go. I’m certainly going to do it again.

Body Pump classes run at Peake Fitness five times a week. Click here to view a full timetable of all classes. You don’t have to be a member of Peake Fitness to take part in ANY of the classes; Simply give them a call on  01206 262836 and book yourself in.

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