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23rd February 2015
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It’s amazing just how far just doing what you do really well can get you - just ask Orford's Pump Street Bakery! This local Suffolk business was unexpectedly namechecked in this weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony, all for the cost of a few free doughnuts (and being brilliant in the first place!)

Shottisham’s very own Oscar-winning director Mat Kirby has secured free doughnuts for life at Pump Street after mentioning the local bakery in his acceptance speech for best live action short The Phone Call. A delighted Kirby is a regular customer at the bakery in Orford. He said to the Oscar-night audience: "I'm particularly happy because this now means I can get a free doughnut at my local bakery, the Pump Street Bakery."

Owner Joanna Brennan told the BBC: "Mat's a charming guy and he's a regular customer and sometimes comes in to write. I was obviously aware of Mat's nomination and was looking forward to waking up this morning and watching the Oscars, but not expecting to wake up to a mention, so it was very exciting. I think an Oscar win deserves more than one free coffee or doughnut, so we're definitely going to be giving him free doughnuts for good now, as a thank you for the mention."

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