Getting Your GCSE results today?
25th August 2016
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Ahh GCSE results day! A time of anticipation, excitement and sometimes disappointment. 

If you got the grades you were hoping for, congratulations! If you didn't, although it might seem like the end of the world, don't panic. It really isn't!

There are plenty of options out there and information to help you decide what to do and where to go next.

1 The Source is an excellent resource for young people in Suffolk, helping them to decide how to progress with their careers. Take a look here at their advice on GCSE results

2 The BBC is always a good place to look for information and advice. Here's what they have to say about GCSE results day 2016

3 Or here for some other options

4 The Mirror has some practical advice. Take a look at this article here

5. Collect your results at the school. Then if you need to discuss your grades with the teachers or careers advisers, they'll be on hand to talk about options available to you

6. If anxiety or panic attacks caused by stressful exam situations, take a look at the help the Thrive Programme can offer. Thrive With Sue works with those who suffer from anxiety and helps clients develop the skills they need to overcome fear and stress. Take a look here

7. If you failed your Maths or English, you might consider getting the help of a tutor to get you through retakes. Contact We Tutor UK for more information

And finally, remember, this is just the start of your adventure. Stay positive and enjoy the rest of the Summer

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