Getting me to Peake Fitness - My Day With a Personal Trainer
19th September 2015
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I’m going to just put it out there. I’m not very fit. I could do with losing a few pounds/stones and the last time I went to a gym was 2002. One thing that’s put me off is the fear of being on a treadmill next to a super fit gym enthusiast with buns of steel, whilst I puff and pant, trying not collapse, my face redder than a beetroot. I’m also a Mum of 2 young children and run a business. Time is not plentiful.

But I’m 41 and I’ve come to the time in my life when I really have to start looking after myself and do some proper exercise; exercise that keeps me motivated and overrides my procrastination gene.

Yesterday I spent a day at Peake Fitness and had my very first personal training session with Ben Norfolk. First and foremost, Peake Fitness is a friendly and welcoming gym. It may have some fantastic state of the art equipment, but it’s certainly not pretentious. Clients are varied; I didn’t feel out of place. Everyone, staff and members, were really friendly. And that’s important, because 2002 was a long time ago and I was a bit apprehensive about the whole experience.

Ben has been involved with personal training for about 10 years. We sat down for a 45 minute consultation, so he could find out what I wanted to achieve (weight loss) did I have any particular targets to aim for (a birthday, holiday) and probably the most importantly, what my weekly schedule is like. It’s all very well saying you want to lose weight and get fit, but if you can’t make the time, it’s pretty futile. Carefully, we went through my weekly routine and ring-fenced the time where coming to the gym would be possible. Writing it down in my personal plan and tracker feels as if I’m making a commitment to myself and Ben.

Based on my conversation, Ben created a programme that would help me lose weight, keep me motivated and increase my fitness levels. The plan is revisited every 6 weeks or so, to make sure it’s still working and I’m not getting bored (this is possible, I lose interest in exercise quickly!)

I start with a 5 minute run on the treadmill, to get the heart rate and body warmed up. It’s then straight on the mat for 15 press ups, followed by 20 squats and a minute plank (that’s a killer) finishing with lunges. The circuit is repeated twice more and as the photos clearly show, it was challenging, but not impossible. Ben also talked me through other circuits, using different equipment that would also help me to achieve the same goal.


I’d not stepped inside a gym for over a decade. I’d never worked with a personal trainer before in my life, but I’ve realised how a PT, like Ben, who understands fitness and health can make the most of what little time you may have, to help you lose weight, increase fitness, become more flexible – whatever your goal might be. And how motivating it is to have someone tell you you’re doing a great job, how you’ve worked really hard or you only have 10 more seconds to hold that plank position. It pushes you to try that little bit harder or push yourself a little further. Something you might not necessarily achieve by yourself.

Perhaps you'd like to get yourself a PT. Peake Fitness currently have a special offer, with prices for a Personal Training Session from just £14.50. You can take a look at the offer here


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